ABMG certified Geneticist


Blueprint Genetics Inc. is seeking a full-time ABMG certified Geneticist in United States and/or Canada (Laboratory of Medical).

Blueprint Genetics is a clinical diagnostics and genetic knowledge company. We are a diagnostics company that has developed technological innovations from sequencing to interpretation to enable better quality diagnostics with affordable price. Our comprehensive offering, high quality clinical reports together with our transparent approach to diagnostics have been the secret sauce for our rapid expansion and growth globally. Our current diagnostic portfolio includes over 200 tests that cover majority of inherited disorders. Today We work with over 300 clinics in over 30 countries. Our aim is to grow and expand our operations globally.

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We seek a highly motivated individual who can utilize their superior clinical and technical skills in providing state-of-the-art clinical test reports and genetic diagnostic service. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who demonstrate effort and initiative; team players who are willing to accept personal accountability for successful job performance and who have a willingness to learn new skills, as well as continually improve their existing skill set. You would be an important member of our Clinical Operation team.


You will perform a variety of functions as a part of the Clinical Operations Team.


Preferred Qualifications:


To Apply:

Be part of a team providing best in class rare disease genetic diagnostics by submitting your resume and cover letter to our Workable portal. Inquiries about the position can be sent to Chief Medical Officer Tero-Pekka Alastalo MD, PhD; tero-pekka.alastalo@blueprintgenetics.com

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